AWS FinOps / Cost Management links


Books / Ebooks

Livret d’épargne AWS (2019) ; Livret d’épargne AWS (2018) | @gekko_sas [Free eBooks]

Cloud Cost Optimization Handbook for AWS | @CloudCostOnAWS [Book]

Mastering AWS Cost Optimization: Real-world technical and operational cost-saving best practices [Book]


AWS Pillar

– Cost Optimization Pillar | @awscloud


AWS white paper

Financial Services Grid Computing on AWS


AWS Architecture Monthly

AWS Architecture Monthly / Financial Services


AWS Services

– AWS Saving Plans
Introducing savings plans
New savings plans for AWS compute services

– AWS cost management / AWS cost explorer
AWS Cost Explorer
Getting Started with AWS Cost Explorer (Part 1)



– Erin Carlson | @OutWithErin

– Corey Quinn | @quinnypig


AWS / Query=cost

AWS monitoring best practices

Monitoring best practices | AWS
Four stages for successful AWS resource monitoring | Loggly
AWS monitoring | Datadog


Various links


Last update: November 11, 2019

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