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AWS Security Documentation: documentation showing how to configure AWS services to meet security and compliance objectives. [link added recently] a free repository of customizable AWS security configurations and best practices | available in CloudFormation | AWS CLI | Terraform [link added recently]

Prowler – AWS Security Best Practices Assessment, Auditing, Hardening and Forensics Readiness Tool. It follows guidelines of the CIS Amazon Web Services Foundations Benchmark and DOZENS of additional checks including GDPR and HIPAA (+100). [link added recently]
Use AWS Fargate and Prowler to send security configuration findings about AWS services to Security Hub [link added recently]

AWS Security / Learning [Whitepapers, Technical Guides, and Reference Materials | International Content | Provable Security: Research and Insights | Security Documentation | Training]

AWS Security Center‘s links
Security, Identity, and Compliance on AWS
Recent Announcements – Security, Identity, & Compliance
Security Bulletins
Data Privacy FAQ

Security, Identity & Compliance Whitepapers

AWS Security Whitepapers selection:
Security Pillar – AWS Well-Architected Framework
Reliability Pillar – AWS Well-Architected Framework
AWS Security Best Practices
AWS Best Practices for DDoS Resiliency [2019]
Security Overview of AWS – Lambda – An In-Depth Look at Lambda Security [2019]
Amazon Web Services’ Approach to Operational Resilience in the Financial Sector & Beyond [2019]
Securing Internet of Things (IoT) with AWS [2019]

AWS Answers to Key Compliance Questions
Use AWS WAF to Mitigate OWASP’s Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities
Amazon Web Services: Risk and Compliance
Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes
AWS Key Management Service Best Practices
Security of AWS CloudHSM Backups – Fully Managed Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) in the AWS Cloud
Regulation Systems Compliance and Integrity Considerations for the AWS Cloud
Secure Content Delivery with Amazon CloudFront
AWS Risk and Compliance Overview
Introduction to AWS Security by Design – A Solution to Automate Security, Compliance, and Auditingin AWS
AWS Cloud Adoption Framework – Security Perspective
Amazon Web Services: Overview of Security Processes [link added recently]

Documentation / Security, Identity, & Compliance

AWS Identity & Access Management (AWS IAM):
AWS Artifact:
Amazon Cognito:
Amazon Detective:
AWS Directory Service:
AWS Firewall Manager:
Amazon Cloud Directory:
Amazon GuardDuty:
Amazon Inspector:
Amazon Macie:
AWS Resource Access Manager (AWS RAM):
AWS Secrets Manager:
AWS Security Hub:
AWS Shield:
AWS Single Sign-On:

Documentation / Cryptography & PKI

AWS Cryptographic Services Overview:
AWS PKI Services Overview:
AWS Key Management Service (AWS KMS):
AWS Crypto Tools:
AWS Certificate Manager:
AWS Certificate Manager Private Certificate Authority:

Security, Identity, & Compliance FAQ’s links

AWS Identity and Access Management FAQ:
Amazon Cloud Directory:
Amazon Cognito FAQ:
AWS GuardDuty FAQ:
Amazon Inspector FAQ:
Amazon Macie FAQ:
AWS Certificate Manager FAQ:
AWS Directory Service FAQ:
AWS Key Management Service FAQ:
AWS Organizations FAQ:
AWS Single Sign-On FAQ:
AWS Shield FAQ:
AWS Artifact FAQ:

[YouTube Playlist] AWS re:Invent 2019 Breakout Sessions | Security, Compliance, and Identity

[YouTube Playlist] AWS re:Inforce 2019 Sessions

AWS re:inforce website

AWS re:inforce 2019 on SlideShare

AWS Security Ramp – Up Guide

AWS Security Fundamentals

Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Security – Specialty

AWS Security Blog

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