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The Hybrid Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model: a free matrix to assess and grow organizations extensively

Do you need to grow your organization?
Do you need to assess the level of development of your organization now and will have to measure your progress in the future?
Do you need to design a detailed and prioritized roadmap to change or transform your organzation?

Fortune 500 companies, the US Government (the United States Government Accountability Office, the United States Department of Commerce, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and many more organizations around the world use Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models notably to realize assessments and drive growth in a structured manner.

As various Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models exist and are complementary, I have decided to combine their strengths in a single strategical and organizational tool called the Hybrid Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model (HEAMM).

The HEAMM gives organizations the possibility notably to:
– do a quick assessment with a very wide and detailed scope of analysis,
– generate rapidly a 360 degrees plan for improvement that includes digital transformation initiatives,
– have a clear development target state to aim for and metrics to make sure that goals are reached.

Information (at the moment in French) on the Hybrid Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model is available on this page.

Get free digital marketing certifications

A list of free digital marketing certifications is available here.

The list includes
– Google’s digital marketing certifications,
– Hubspot Academy’s digital marketing certifications,
– SEMrush academy’s digital marketing certifications,
– Youtube certifications,
– vbout certifications,
and complementary links to improve digital marketing skills.

(If you want to access MOOCs platforms and resources to learn programming you can use those links:
MOOCs platforms list
Learn web development free.)

Digital Transformation Strategy – Strategies for driving business success in the new digital economy | Prof. N. Venkat Venkatraman | [MOOC]

This MOOC can help organizations find which digital strategies bring Business success.

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