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AWS FinOps / Cost Management links


Books / Ebooks

Livret d’épargne AWS (2019) ; Livret d’épargne AWS (2018) | @gekko_sas [Free eBooks]

Cloud Cost Optimization Handbook for AWS | @CloudCostOnAWS [Book]

Mastering AWS Cost Optimization: Real-world technical and operational cost-saving best practices [Book]


AWS Pillar

– Cost Optimization Pillar | @awscloud


AWS white paper

Financial Services Grid Computing on AWS


AWS Architecture Monthly

AWS Architecture Monthly / Financial Services


AWS Services

– AWS Saving Plans
Introducing savings plans
New savings plans for AWS compute services

– AWS cost management / AWS cost explorer
AWS Cost Explorer
Getting Started with AWS Cost Explorer (Part 1)



– Erin Carlson | @OutWithErin

– Corey Quinn | @quinnypig


AWS / Query=cost


AWS monitoring best practices

Monitoring best practices | AWS
Four stages for successful AWS resource monitoring | Loggly
AWS monitoring | Datadog


Various links



Last update: November 11, 2019

6 steps to get the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification

In a context where companies grow and transform themselves leveraging Technology, Amazon Web Services (AWS) leads public cloud adoption.

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To support Business modernization and get recognized for what they know, IT Professionals can get certifications and on that subject, according to Global Knowledge, the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification is the 4th top paid certification in 2019.

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As having a plan to reach a goal can be useful, to get the AWS Solutions Architect – Associate certification, following the 6 steps below might be a relevant option.

Step 1. Learn AWS concepts: AWS Concepts – Linux Academy (free course)

Step 2. Learn AWS essentials: AWS Essentials (2019) – Linux Academy (free course)

Step 3. Take an AWS Solutions Architect – Associate course:

using Linux Academy’s course on Udemy or directly on Linux Academy

or on A Cloud Guru

or using the Stephane Maarek’s course on Udemy

or using DolfinEd’s course on Udemy.

(On Linux Academy and A Cloud Guru, it is possible to access courses using a 7 days free trial period.)

Step. 4 Practice AWS using AWS free tier, doing Hands-On Labs and Learn by Doing activities.

Step 5. Study AWS Docs, FAQs, whitepaperps, best practices, Well Architected Framework, Well Architected resources, overview documentation and training material.

Step 6. Do practice tests starting with the Exam Readiness: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate online course (free course) and choosing between Whizlabs tests or Jon Bonso tests (given as examples).

(Before registering to the exam, remember that it is possible to activate the English Second Language (ESL) to have 30 more minutes to pass the exam if your mother tongue is not English. To activate the ESL: you can go to certmetrics, click on “Request Exam Accommodations”, click on “Request Accommodation”, and click on « ESL +30 MINUTES ».)

Free resources list to learn Amazon Web Services (AWS)

If you are interested in Cloud computing and Solutions Architecture, here is a list of free resources to learn and leverage Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support Digital Transformation and Business growth: