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Books summaries channels on YouTube

Here is a list of YouTube channels with books summaries:

Book Video Club

Productivity game

One Percent Better




– Complementary links with rules, principles, ideas and books summaries:

2000 Books

Evan Carmichael

Innovation books – what do we need?

ProfessorGary on Innovation and Marketing

The process of listing my 16 favorite innovation books got me to thinking about what is missing – What is the “Blue Ocean” space in popular innovation reading?

I think I found two clear blue patches – Do you spot others?? Or do you think I missed a great book in those patches?


In the fall I listed my 16 favorite books on innovation. In alphabetical order by author they were:

  • Tim Brown                     Change by Design
  • David Burkus                 Myths of Creativity
  • Henry Chesbrough      Open Innovation
  • Clayton Christensen   The Innovators Dilemma
  • Peter Drucker                 Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Abbie Griffin                  Serial Innovators
  • Walter Isaacson             The Innovators
  • Ken Kahn  …

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