Assess and develop your organization with the Hybrid Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model (HEAMM)

The Hybrid Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model is a unique and free tool that allows people notably :
– to benefit from a unique and new combination of complementary caracteristics and scopes used by other Enterprise Architecture Maturity Models,
– to assess and develop organizations with a very wide and detailed scope of analysis using 100 areas of assessment and development,
– to include assessment and development activities related to organization’s digital transformation (or digital change).

Information (at the moment in French) on the Hybrid Enterprise Architecture Maturity Model is available on this page.

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Ultimate List of Digital Marketing Knowledge Resources – Crys Wiltshire



Top Digital Marketing Blogs/Resources Sites

  • Marketing Profs – Tons of resources and articles on a variety of topics in our space.
  • {grow} – By Mark Schaefer, a friend and personal marketing hero of mine.
  • Copyblogger – One of the longest-running and is still top notch for insight.
  • Hubspot – Not gonna lie, I am a major Hubs fangirl. Great library of articles and some of my favourite guides.
  • Content Marketing Institute – An authority on content best practices & tactics.
  • Social Media Examiner – Go-to for anything social; tips, trends, social advertising, etc.
  • AdWeek – Everything around the wonderful world of advertising.
  • Search Engine Land – Everything you need to know in the world of SEO.
  • Marketing Tech Blog – A tech lover’s dream for marketing tools and platforms.
  • gShift – Okay, this may be a bit biased, but I personally oversee content & always aim for value and knowledge.
  • Google Webmaster Blog – Because it’s Google and they are the leading authority on all changes to the technical side of digital marketing.
  • Convince and Convert – Because Jay Baer is brilliant, funny and insightful, as is his writing team.
  • Neil Patel – This guy is arguably one of the top people in our space, especially when it comes to analytics and data.


Top Digital Marketing Podcasts

  • The Marketing Companion – Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster. Funny and very, very insightful. Keep an ear out for the awesome products they invent each episode…
  • The Growth Show – Honestly, probably my favourite (again, Hubspot fangirl…). Guests are always fantastic and share real insight into their personal growth and growth hacking stories.
  • This Old Marketing Podcast – With Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose, two of the main minds behind the Content Marketing Institute.
  • Social Pros Podcast – Run by Jay Baer and featuring guests who work in social media marketing every day.
  • Duct Tape Marketing – Sharing advice through interviews with some of the top names in the industry.
  • – This is an entire podcast network run by Copyblogger’s Brian Clark. It’s basically the jackpot for awesome marketing podcasts.
  • Marketing Over Coffee – One of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to years ago. Informative and easy to digest marketing discussion.


Top Digital Marketing YouTube Channels

  • Mashable – Industry leader for technology and their YouTube channel lives up to their reputation. Very cool videos.
  • Hubspot – Again, I know, #fangirl. The Hubspot channel does have a lot of product/sales content for their system, but also has funny knowledge based content and keynote speeches.
  • TED Talks – Because it’s TED Talks. Specifically their Business playlist and the Marketing category on their website. Also check out their Most-Watched playlist because it will enrich your life.


Other Digital Marketing Resources

  • SlideShare – Massive library of powerpoint style presentations and videos. You can search by keywords or tags. Incredible learning to be explored in there.
  • Blab – I’m hooked, like many other social media loving marketers. It’s Google Hangouts, but much better. Listen to pros live and engage with them in chat.
  • – Excellent online learning center that offers a wide variety of courses. Most are paid, but the have frequent sales where you can register for courses for as low as $10.


Free Online Certifications for Marketing and Advertising

  • Inbound Marketing Certification – Offered by Hubspot and one probably one of the leading credible certificates you can add to your resume.
  • Google’s Digital Marketing Course – This course will help you strengthen your knowledge around SEO, advertising, social and analytics. You can go onto receive your Google AdWords Certificate, which is highly regarded in the industry.


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